A Trip Of A Lifetime

In November of 2005 this Enting decided to take a Journey. And where did this Journey lead, you may ask? A long flight to Middle-Earth. Well not really, more like the lovely land that stood in for Tolkien's fabled land in Peter Jackson's wonderful films, New Zealand. It quickly became a trip of a Lifetime, filled with wonderfull people, wonderful memories and about 650 photos taken in two weeks. Don't you just love digital cameras! After some serious editing (there are now about 300) I've put them in an online series of albums. So my fellow Entings, if you want to have a look at some beautiful scenery here are the links:

The North Island

The South Island Part 1

The South Island Part 2
I hope you enjoy them.


Lara said...

Gerda, these pictures are gorgeous! What a testament to your time there. *sigh* It's almost as good as being there. You must have such wonderful memories...

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