What's up in June

Alrighty Entings!

June promises to be a fun month! Our Prairie Enting, Melly is flying in to T.O. on the 14th! Six days, 20 hours, 53 minutes and 40 seconds to go!!!

We've got some fun things planned while Melly is here. On the 18th we're having LOTR Musical and Dinner night in Wellinghall. Hoom hom hmm ... promises to be good fun! If you'd like to join us for the musical and/or dinner, please let us in here or by email at: wellinghall.smial@gmail.com.

We're also planning a jewelry workshop with Melly the Master while she's here. Right now, we're looking at June 19th. Let us know if this evening will work for you. It's a Monday, but we promise not to keep you too late.

Over in the Halls, we're about ready to start our study and discussion of Chapter 4 in The Silmarillion. We have a small study group right now and we welcome everyone who is interested in any of the chapters, topics or themes related to Tolkien's work. Feel free to lurk over there and jump in whenever you'd like!


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