The Gathering

Just a reminder to all folks in the GTA. The Gathering of the Fellowship is going on this weekend and you can register down at the Sheraton hotel on Queen Street.

Unfortunately Wellinghall won't have a table there but a couple of our Entings are there (maybe with branches ... or not) so we'll get the scoop on the proceedings and hopefully some great pics. We're sure there will be some great panels and discussions and fun stories! Hope all of you Tolkien fans attending have a wonderful time. :)

We'd like to support the effort to raise money for Dan Timmons' family by letting you all know that you can get info to order Dan's documentary at The Gathering. Ted Nasmith has kindly donated a spot in his gallery for some fliers as well as a condolence book for Dan's family. We hope as many of you as possible are able to grab a flier and sign the book. Also don't forget to drop by Dan's memorial site where you can read a message for all the fans from Dan's wife, Sunny.

And a Happy and safe Canada Day to all!


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