How has Tolkien Inspired You?

The White Tree Fund's journal Silver Leaves is looking for your help!

Tolkien’s work has inspired people to do many things such write, paint, sculpt, help the environment, help others, and even help themselves. Have you been inspired by Tolkien’s work, or by his life? Tell us how!

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Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

I became Catholic, and after reading about Moor Eeffoc (On Fairy Stories)I decided to read Chesterton even before that.

Deidre Olsen said...

Tolkein has inspired me by giving me faith in the Human Being's imagination. As it seems in these times, many have become indifferent towards fantasy and the ability for a fable to create genuine inspiration. Tolkein's works have done just this for me.

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

word verification: naliesse
I think he would have liked that word.

Anyway, a little less fantastic, a little more prosaic, Deirdre, his name was Tolkien.

In German - where his remote ancestors came from - ie=ee, ei=ye. Of course there is also üh which has no English equivalent. But in some dialects üh and ie are interchangeable.

So Tollkühn=foolhardy got spelled dialectally at least from the move to England many generations before John Ronald Reuel: Tolkien.

Wellinghall Smial said...

I agree, Tolkien might have even created a whole history surrounding "naliesse"!

I'm sure we've all been guilty of a typo here and there, Hans :).

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

Ah, typo!

No problem, I thought it was ignorance, for the brief moment I did the replying.

We have all been guilty of judging someone (or someone's knowledge) hastily now and then, eh ...?

Jcallah9 said...

Tolkien inspired me to pursue a degree in Geography and become a cartographer. I would spend hours scrutinizing the maps of middle earth and try to draw them myself.

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