Tolkien Reading Day

Hi, all!

Come out on Saturday March 14th at 1pm, to the Duke of Richmond Pub

for food and great quotes! Pick out your favorite passage(s!)and prepare to read it aloud to the rest of the fans and friends. Have fun with it, and don't be shy. Come on down! The reservation is under the name "Jo-Anna".

The pub is located minutes away from the Queen subway station, on Yonge Street. It has great atmosphere and food, so you have nothing to lose. See you there!


Hans Lundahl said...

for a working link, use

< a href = "" > < / a > minus spaces, except the ones in visible, none here though, and the one between a and href:

Wellinghall Smial said...

Thanks for the tip!

Hans Lundahl said...

ur welcome!

jessica said...
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