LotR Marathon - report

By: Laura

Within a few minutes of meeting me, it's easy to discern three things: I talk really fast, never come between me and fries, and I love movie marathons. So when one of the smial members emailed about a LotR movie marathon at the Scotiabank Theatre in downtown Toronto. I barely finished reading her email before responding with lots of capitalizd letters and exclamation marks. The next dew days mere spent in a mood of restless anticipation and barely concealed excitment.

A number of us had attended a movie marathon a few years before and realized that not even the strongest of stomachs can consume theatre snacks all day without feeling ill. I woke a bit early to prepare a batch of lembas. As you can see, Frodo tried to help but somehow was only there after all the work was done.

Frodo doll and the lembas

I can haz lembas?

Frodo and my bag o' needed junk

After packing up the lembas (I was all out of mallorn leaves so I had to use a resealable plastic bag, the magical properties of the bag are, as of yet, unknown), Frodo and I were on our way.

Magical Narnia snow

Magical Narnia snow

It was snowing as I walked to the bus stop; Frodo was tucked away safely in my bag ... likely nibbling at the lembas. I mention the snow because it wasn't just any snow, it was what one our members calls "Narnia snow". By the time I reached the movie theatre, the same snow now seemed to be mundance, urban, regular snow, but I knew those feelings wouldn't last for long. A long line had already formed when I got there, half an hour before the first airing. Fortunately the smial members were able to find each other quite quickly, with the help of modern cellular technology and some old fashioned hand-waving (though I'm sure they've invented an app for this by now).

Arrival at the theatre!<

When the theatre eventually opened its doors, the group outside had no problem filling its ticket queues, concession lines, and the theatre seats. We weren't able to find enough seats together but our party only had to split into two groups. I still am very surprised at how many people were there and at finding out, after a quick poll from our host, how many had read the books.

As is usual for Tolkien, the audience was composed of a wide variety of fans, some who weren't even born when the first Jackson movie was released, and some who could have seen the release of the Bakshi film. And while I didn't necessarily feel the communal/familial/cozy sense I normally would at a Tolkien convention, I had my smial Ent-buddies and they provide familial-ness in bushelfuls. I only wish the event had shown the extended editions!

Frodo comfy in this marathon chair

Frodo and the credits
Is it over already??


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