February Flash Moot - recap

It wasn't so much snowing as it seemed that the clouds were releasing pieces of meringue for the sugar-deprived populace below. It seemed a perfect day to just stay inside and under as many layers of fleece as possible, but I had a moot to get to!

Earlier in the week, I had told my fellow Ents that I would bake cookies and share them with anyone who wanted them. So the morning of the moot, I groggily made the cookies under Frodo doll's watchful eye. Here he is inspecting the finished cookies:

Frodo's inspection of the cookies

Hmm. I believe this one does not feature an equal distribution of the chocolate chunks.

After packing up the cookies (even the ones which did not pass Frodo doll's inspection) with the rest of my things, I headed out the door. Thick, swirling flakes of snow bombarded my senses as soon as I stepped outside and it made travelling a place where cars drove a bit hazardous.

Frodo and tree topped with snow

When we finally made it to the pub, I found that fellow smial members had gotten a table near the door--prime shot to grab other members as they entered the pub. Frodo quickly shook the snow out of his hair and order a glass of wine.

It did not last long.

Me: Are you ok Frodo doll?
Frodo doll: Oh yesh ... yes. Jus' need to rest on thiss lovely bed-like ... place for a mome ... nt.

As Frodo doll recovered, I talked about everything and nothing with the other smial members at the table. Yes of course we talked about the Professor and his works and the New Line Cinema films, and things that have been going on in the Tolkien community, but we also talked about everything from connections the film War Horse had to Tolkien life to how to deal with children who are picky eaters. It was lovely to spend a snowy Saturday afternoon in such good company. With this group of people, it's fun even arguing getting completely schooled in Tolkien lore.


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